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Published October 2016


Daring to Defy

Philip Adams' latest book

Port Talbot's War Resistance 1914-1918

Many people are unaware that Port Talbot and the Afan Valley was a hotbed of war resistance during the Great War. The author’s carefully-presented narrative and evidence of the imprisonment and torture of the resisters will be of interest and surprise to many readers, whether general public or historians. The book provides a fine commemoration of our debt to these oft-misunderstood, but brave, men.

'Daring to Defy' brings to light a fascinating and powerful truth about events in Port Talbot and the Afan Valley during World War One. Michael Sheen

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Published September 2015


Not In Our Name

War dissent in a Welsh town
Philip Adams

For too many people Philip Adams' book will be an inconvenient truth which, until now, has been conveniently buried.

The impact of World War One on Briton Ferry. Using material from the period the author has built up a story of resistance to military conscription and war - involving not just the local inhabitants but also leading politicians, suffragettes and philosophers of period, including Keir Hardie and Emmeline Pankhurst.

'Philip has put a huge amount of work into this book which records the courage of past generations to stand up for their beliefs. It is well worth a read.' Stephen Kinnock MP

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Available now
Published October 2014
Reprinted September 2016


Cover of A Most Industrious Town

Briton Ferry and its people 1814-2014
Philip Adams

The author traces the south Wales town of Briton Ferry (Llansawel) and its people through industrialisation, de-industrialisation and austerity.

Can this once vibrant and innovative community, now labelled as a dormitory, re-invent itself and restore its glorious past? This paperback book is packed with anecdotes and over 130 illustrations, many in full colour. It will be of great interest to schools, students and present and past residents of the town.

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